History of The Tavern

Popcorn Tavern was established in 1934 after prohibition. Dave ‘Pear’ Parisey and two of his friends bought the tavern on October 1, 1972. Since then the Parisey family grew after Pear met his wife Karen at the tavern. Years later their son Dan also met his wife Katie while working at Popcorn. This custom has continued with many of our patrons meeting their future spouse while enjoying the amusing atmosphere of Popcorn Tavern.

Popcorn Tavern has been providing affordable, quality beers and liquor to multiple generations of customers. Many UW-La Crosse Alumni consider Popcorn Tavern to be their ‘stomping grounds’. With live music seven days a week, billiards, darts, shuffle board, foosball, and pinball, Popcorn Tavern is a great place to meet friends and family for a night of entertainment, quality drinks, and good times.

Popcorn Tavern Owner and son
Dave and Dan
Owner and Son
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