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Safe Ride program gives drinkers options

Drink Responsibly

Please...Don't Drink And Drive
We are Proud to be a part of the Safe Ride Program
Ask your bartender for details!!

The La Crosse County Tavern League organized the Safe Ride program 28 years ago to help people avoid drunk driving by getting a cab ride home.

Mike Brown is the president of the Tavern League.

He calls the safe ride program vital to keeping people safe after a night out.

All you have to do is tell the bartender that you've had to much to drink, and they call a cab to get you home, anywhere within the area.

Brown says it's worth the money and effort to make sure people get home safely.

"People are at these house parties, and then afterwards, they go to bars. You don't know what they've drank or taken in prescription medication or even non-prescribed drugs. It's a problem trying to pick out somebody that's had to much, but this just gives us one tool to get them home safely," Brown says.

The Safe Ride program gave almost 11,000 rides to people last year.

They are hoping current legislation in Wisconsin will help fund that program even more.

Contact a cab for a safe ride home.


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